Gauging ICD-10 Readiness with Dr. Evan Gwilliam

If you’ve been getting yourself and your office ready for the ICD-10 transition, you’ve no doubt seen Dr. Evan Gwilliam‘s name come up. Not only is Dr. Gwilliam a Certified Professional Coding Instructor, Medical Compliance Specialist, and Certified Professional Medical Auditor, he is also the Vice President of ChiroCode Institute. Dr. Gwilliam speaks all over the country and he serves on the Editorial Board for and teaches CE programs around the U.S. for Cross Country Education and the ChiroCode Institute. He has published articles in ACA News and Chiropractic Economics. Coding, billing, documentation, and compliance can be complex and sometimes frustrating, but Dr. Gwilliam has a knack for making it engaging and easy-to understand. Today, we’d like to share with you a webinar he presented for ChiroCare (CCMI). This hour long webinar is pre-recorded and does not offer an opportunity to interact with the host.
Special thanks to Dr. Vivi-Ann Fisher of ChiroCare and Dr. Evan Gwilliam for allowing us to share this with you!