Welcome to Florida Chiropractic Conference’s website!

Florida Chiropractic Conferences is a Chiropractic continuing education provider in the state of Florida.

The ‘FCC mission’ is to provide Chiropractors with quality chiropractic continuing education programs at an affordable cost!

We believe that Chiropractors should not have to “break the bank” just to fulfill their state requirements. For that reason, FCC does not charge membership fees and never will. Florida Chiropractic Conferences’ staff has over 35 years experience offering Chiropractic continuing education in Florida and is dedicated to serving Florida’s Chiropractors!

Who are we? We are a Chiropractic continuing education provider in the state of Florida. Our conferences are open to all Chiropractors, Certified Chiropractic Physician’s Assistants, Registered Chiropractic Physician’s Assistants and other allied health professionals.

•    There are no membership fees to attend FCC and there never will be.
•    FCC has no political affiliation and no political agenda.
•    FCC promises to provide high quality CE programs at a price that everyone can afford.
•    Florida Chiropractic Conferences is not affiliated with any state or national association.
•    FCC will be your informational hub for continuing education questions.
•    FCC supports the scope of practice in the state of Florida.
•    FCC will provide continuing education programs in YOUR neighborhood.

Florida Chiropractic Conferences is committed to CHIROPRACTIC.

  We come with over 35 years of chiropractic knowledge, experience, and know-how.

We are not a member based organization, we are here to provide YOU with quality continuing education programs.

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