News from the Florida Board of Chiropractic Meeting – April 2015

Lili Montoya, Executive Director of Florida Chiropractic Conferences, attends every Florida Board of Chiropractic Meeting to keep abreast of the state of Chiropractic in Florida. She blogs any changes or updates here. Here is her first entry!

Today, the Florida Board of Chiropractic Medicine ruled unanimously that any licensee that has not completed their required board meeting attendance will have to petition the board formally for extensions. In the past, extensions were granted to licensees with hardship cases on a case by case basis without issuing discipline. However, due to the growing number of non-compliance issues the board as a whole will decide variance.

For those planning on getting licensed in Florida or who are newly licensed, make sure you attend a BOC meeting within your first year to avoid disciplinary action!

Are You Renewal Ready?

It is now required that all CE is completed and reported to CE Broker before you renew your license. When you complete continuing education with us, Florida Chiropractic Conferences will report your hours for you! Read more about the new license renewal process at  and claim your free, Basic Account in CE Broker to see what has already been reported for you.