November 18, 2023: Acupuncture Seminar

This conference offers all of the Florida mandated hours if you have an Acupuncture Certification

March 2-3,2024

Record Keeping, Coding and Documentation, Florida Laws & Rules, Prevention of Medical Errors,

Ethics and Boundaries, Risk Management.

 Registration Fees

DC – Full Registration (up to 20 hours) – $299.00
DC – Partial Registration (up to 10 hours) – $199.00
DC- Full Registration with 4 Acupuncture hours (up to 24 hours) – $350
(Acupuncture hours provided on a separate date)
DC- Acupuncture hours only (4 hours)-$125
CCPA – Full Registration (up to 12 hours) – $150.00

We are hosting the live synchronous conference via Zoom
A camera is required for your participation. ID will be checked