Where’s my money?

cashflow2With election season rapidly approaching, the onslaught of political advertisements can’t be far behind. Though the barrage of electioneering can feel like an annoyance at times, it will get many of us thinking about the state of our country and the people we elect to make decisions on our behalf that affect all of us and that is always positive. So, in the spirit of making informed choices, we’d like to share an email we received this week from Dr. N., Miami.

“I was wondering if any of the proceeds from FCC seminars goes toward the FCS or FCA for lobbying efforts in support of chiropractic in FL ??”

The short answer to Dr. N’s question is “NO”. As we have stated from day one, we are an apolitical organization. We do not support, fund, donate to, or otherwise endorse any other local, state, or national Chiropractic organization.

We would like to take this opportunity to reiterate the mission of Florida Chiropractic Conferences and address how we do promote Chiropractic in Florida.

FCC supports Chiropractic in Florida by supporting FLORIDA CHIROPRACTORS.
FCC supports Florida Chiropractors by providing quality, board approved education on relevant topics at an affordable cost.

Some of you may wonder why we do not spend money on lobbying for Chiropractic. Simply put, we reinvest any profits we receive into you by providing MORE programs and MORE speakers without increasing YOUR cost.

That said, we do encourage ALL Chiropractors to be diligent when donating their money. Did you know that IRS income filings and all PAC donations from non profit organizations are available to the public? If you’d like to know where your membership dues and PAC donations are going (or have gone) please visit:
http://990finder.foundationcenter.org/ and http://www.followthemoney.org
You can search by organization name and see to whom they donated and the dollar amounts.